Students says they lack modern tools at institute

KHOST (TOLOnews): Students of the Khost Mechanical Institute said that the technical tools of Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan’s time are still used in this institute.
These students called on relevant officials to provide modern machines for them.
“We need those machines that are used today,” said Shakerullah, a student.
“We made a robot that remains incomplete, and we call on the government and businesspeople to help us,” said Abdullah Sargand, a student.
According to the students, these devices are unusable in the current situation, and they cannot find work in workshops after their graduation.
Meanwhile, local officials in Khost acknowledge these challenges but spoke of efforts to equip professional educational institutions with advanced equipment.
“The machines that we have are very old and we asked the government to provide us with modern technology and new tools for workshops,” said Sayf Rahman Mazlom, head of the Khost Mechanical Institute.
“We have good programs for this institute, if we provide new tools,” said Shabeer Ahmad Usmani, head of culture and information in Khost.
The mechanical institute of Khost was established in 1337 and currently has near to one thousand students.