US stopping countries from returning Afghan aircraft, says official

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Deputy Defense Minister, Mohammad Qassim Farsad, said that the neighboring countries of Afghanistan are not returning aircrafts that were taken there during the collapse of the former government. He said their failure to do so is due to pressure by the US.
Speaking at a press conference reporting on the annual activities of the Defense Ministry, he said that the number of these aircraft is 60.
“Their numbers could be around 60 aircraft and they are currently in one or two countries. We have officially asked them for their return, but they don’t act because of US pressure,” Farsad said.
Speaking at the same conference, the chief of army staff, Fasihuddin Fitrat, said that the attacks by the Daesh group have dropped to zero.
He said that the Islamic Emirate forces have conducted raids across the country within the past year that resulted in seizing a great number of weapons and ammunition. “In the major cities, the Mujahideen were more careful about the Daesh group. Their attacks have almost dropped to zero,” he said.
Eanayatullah Khwarzmi, a spokesman for the Defense Ministry, said that 50 seminaries have been constructed in military bases in various provinces.
“We have repaired nearly 50,000 vehicles since the Islamic Emirate came to power,” he said.
The Chief of Army Staff of the Islamic Emirate’s Defense Ministry, in response to the accusations of Pakistani officials, said that instead of criticizing Afghanistan, they should focus on their own land and that these criticisms show Pakistan’s inability to provide security in its own land.
Fasihuddin Fitrat added in the annual report of the ministry that people who cause insecurity in Pakistan exist inside that country, and Pakistan and other countries should look for their enemies “on their own soil.”