Where we are going today: Leaf cafe in Dhahran

Jasmine Bager

Sandwiched between a cluster of eateries, across the path from IKEA and a block away from the ever-busy Dhahran Mall is an elegant new cafe offering a laid-back atmosphere, a selection of beverages and sweet and savory treats.

As the first branch in the Kingdom, Leaf opened up in early 2023 and was a much-needed addition to the neighborhood since many of the nearby cafes had closed during the pandemic.

We tried the Sebastian “Japanese-style” cheesecake, which had a nice solid bite to it without being too sweet. Our order came with a small pitcher of thick chocolate sauce, which you can drizzle over the slice as you please or dip a forkful of cake into. It not only looks aesthetically pleasing but allows the customer to control the sweetness of the bite and creates a fun, interactive element to the plate. The sweetened iced coffee had the right consistency and ratio of liquid to ice.

The cafe serves all kinds of hot and cold caffeinated beverages as well as fruit Danishes and freshly baked pastries.

The walls have plenty of outlets, so you can plug in your device to charge as you recharge your own energy with the cafe’s delicious morsels.

Leaf is decorated to resemble an elegant home, with white walls, a sliding glass door, plenty of potted plants, nostalgic trinkets at the back statement wall shelf and a spot on the other end for borrowing books or board games while you sit and sip away at your drink.

The tables are spread out enough so everyone can enjoy privacy. It feels cozy and inviting.

Visitors can also enjoy ample outdoor seating overlooking the parking lot, which will surely become a favorite spot during cooler weather. It is currently where smokers go as the cafe doesn’t allow indoor smoking.

Service is swift and the baristas are energetic and knowledgeable.

Courtesy: arabnews