Withdrawal ceiling increases in private banks

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Central Bank on Tuesday announced an increase in the withdrawal ceiling in private banks from 30,000 Afs in the past to 50,000 Afs per week.

“The leadership of the Central Bank decided to provide facilities in commercial banks and commercial banks and foreign banks agencies should obey the order,” said Hasib Noori, spokesman of the Central Bank. Some customers of private banks said that so far, the banks have not implemented the decision.

“I went to a bank and was told that the decision has not been implemented so far,” said Enaytullah, a Kabul resident.

“After hearing yesterday’s announcement of the Central Bank, I went to a private bank and they told me that they have not received any statement,” said Sanjar Ahmadzai, a Kabul resident.

The Chamber of Industry and Mines said that restrictions on baking have created economic challenges for investors.

“Relevant institutions, especially the Central Bank of Afghanistan, should bring the country’s banking system to a normal state as soon as possible by formulating new policies,” said Mohammad Karim Azimi, head of the Kabul Chamber of Industries and Mines.

“It’s a good step and we call on the Central Bank’s leadership and the Finance Ministry to provide more facilities for investors,” said Omid Haidari, an investor. Currently, investors cannot send money aboard due to ongoing restrictions on the country’s banking system.