Female students call to reopen schools

KABUL (TOLO News): Female students and teachers said they are worried that nothing was said about schools on the second anniversary of the Islamic Emirate’s takeover.

Once again they emphasized their right to education and asked the current government to reopen academic institutions for girls as soon as possible.

“Yesterday, I thought that maybe schools, universities, and many other places that were closed would open but they didn’t,” said Marwa, a student.

“We call on the government to reopen schools and universities for girls,” said Najma, a student.

Meanwhile, some students and teachers warn of the negative consequences of closing girls’ schools and said that closing the gates of schools will spread illiteracy in the country more than before.

“There was some news in social media about reopening schools and universities for girls but it didn’t happen, the closure of the schools is not beneficial for our country,” said Fahima, a student.

The question is why the plan to reopen schools and universities has not been finalized after two years of Islamic Emirate rule.

“We were waiting for their announcement (on the anniversary of Islamic Emirate rule) about reopening schools and universities for girls,” said Fazil Malik, a Kabul resident.

“We ask to reopen schools for girls because we need them in the teaching and medical department,” said Rahmatullah, a Kabul resident.

A number of women’s rights activists have said that depriving women of learning will have a negative effect on the future of the country.

“We are waiting for the reopening schools for girls, but they didn’t open schools and they put more restrictions on women day by day,” said Mahboba Saraj, a woman’s rights activist.

After the Islamic Emirate takeover, the Ministry of Education said that education would be allowed by creating a method for girls above the sixth grade, but in recent months, the Ministry of Education has not said anything new about the issue.