Greece claims Turkish street food kokoreç as ‘kokoretsi’

ISTANBUL : Türkiye and Greece, which have encountered each other in the struggle for cuisine ownerships, are on agenda once again over which country “kokoreç” belongs to.

Taste Atlas, known for highlighting traditional recipes, placed the Greek delicacy “kokoretsi” first on its list of best offal dishes. Turkish kokoreç, on the other hand, ranked fourth on the same list.

Kokoreç is known as one of Türkiye’s favorite street flavors. Taste Atlas, which frequently featured Turkish flavors on its previous lists, including kokoreç as “kokoretsi” on the list, became a trending topic on social media.

Greece’s “kokoretsi” scored 4.6 points on the list and was chosen as the world’s best offal dish. Other Turkish flavors, such as “Kelle paça çorbası” (sheep head-and-foot soup) ranked 11th, while “işkembe çorbası” (tripe-soup) ranked 42nd.

Any difference?

“Kokoretsi” is introduced as a Greek dish made from lamb or goat offal, with Albanian origins. It is pointed out that while only intestines are used in kokoreç, “kokoretsi” includes kidneys and liver.

On social media, there have been posts like “Kokoreç belongs to us,” “We won’t give it to anyone,” and “Kokoreç is a Turkish delicacy.” Previously, the discussion of Greek cuisine being attributed to Turkish delicacies such as baklava, cacık, and Turkish coffee had also sparked reactions.

Courtesy: Dailysabah