Local farm produce, handicrafts exhibition held in Jawzjan

KABUL (TOLO News): An exhibition showcasing agricultural products and handicrafts was held in Jawzjan with the aim of empowering women’s economy.

Local officials in Jawzjan said that in this exhibition 100 women displayed their agricultural products and handicrafts in 50 booths.

Some women who participated in this exhibition asked for the creation of a special market for marketing their products.

In this exhibition, which was held on Thursday in the city of Sheberghan, the capital of Jawzjan province, enterprising women asked for the support of the current government.

Such exhibitions are very effective and good for business. We want the same kind of exhibitions to be created. The lack of market is very worrying for us,” said Muqads Sadat, a businesswoman.

“We want a market to be created so that we can use it to sell our products,” said Friba, a businesswoman.

The local officials of Jawzjan also believe that holding such exhibitions is beneficial for the growth of business activities of women entrepreneurs. According to them, right now four thousand women are working in the agriculture and handicraft sectors in this province.

“In Jawzjan, there are four thousand girls working in the field of handicrafts and agricultural products,” said Mohammad Zarif Faiz, head of the economy department in Jawzjan.

This exhibition is being held in Jawzjan, while the businesswomen and farmers in this province are complaining about the lack of a markets for their agricultural products and handicrafts, and they want the government to address this challenge.