Safety Seminar held at Wapda House

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: A safety seminar was held at Wapda House Peshawar for the awareness of Linemen .Chief Executive Pesco Engineer Shabir Ahmad,Chief Engineers,Director Generals,Safety Consultant Sheikh Muhammad Tufail,All SEs, attended the meeting.CEO directed the Pesco Technical Staff to adopt all precautionary measures to avoid electrocution and electric shocks for their own safety.

Safety Consultant Sheikh Muhammad Tufail  said that work according to the principle that “First Safety then Work”. Take stern action against those linemen who do not adopt safety measures while working on lines.

It was decided that in case of 1st Fatal Accident, LS,SDO will be placed under suspension. In the 2nd  fatal accident Xen will be suspended,and in the 3rd fatal accident SE will placed under suspension. CEO directed the line staff to ensure the safety measures with letter & sprit.

Do not start work without PTW (Permit to work).Before starting work, be sure that power supply is shutdown.On the completion of job LS will cancel the PTW by personally visiting Grid Station.

CEO said that Life is very precious gift of Allah and it is our primary duty to secure your lives. He further said that Poles on both the ends must be properly earthened for the safety of technical staff working on line/pole.

Do not stand on Transformer or any other electrical instrument while working. Be-careful from the streetlights and neutral cables. Fasten your safety belt while working on line. Always put on an Helmet and Rubber gloves while working.

He said that the safety day must be celebrated regularly so that employees are educated about their safety ,he stressed that  by implementing and adopting these precautionary measures including safety rules and regulations, fatal accidents can be avoided and precious lives of employees could be secured.