‘Imran could not erase Pakistan, but his politics erased’

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Adviser to the Prime Minister, Engineer Amir Muqam has said that Imran Khan could not erase Pakistan, but his politics itself was erased from the country and his true face was unveiled before the people.

He said that there will be no sign of Bat and Imran Khan in the upcoming election. He further said that God willing, PML-N will come into power not only in the center but also in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He added that everyone has understood that PML-N alone has the ability to take the country out of the ongoing crisis.

He said that we fulfilled the promises made without securing any mandate from the people of Kalam. Engineer Amir Muqam expressed these views while addressing a huge public gathering on the occasion of the inauguration of NADRA Office Kalam and Kalam Electrification Project.

Engineer Amir Muqam said that we had already built Kalam Road and again the prime minister had approved it’s restoration project.

He said that the tender for the construction of Kalam Gabral Road will be given very soon. Advisor to the Prime Minister also announced the construction of Arianai Road, Arianai Bishamal Bridge and Lykot Bridge.

He has also announced the construction of Ain Village Council Barai Serai, Daruli Bridges in Bahrain and tenders for Madyan and Bahrain Bypass, Bridges, Roads and Tunnels have been issued.

Adviser to the Prime Minister Engineer Amir Muqam thanked the people of Kalam for giving him a grand welcome while thousands of people participated in the rally with full enthusiasm.